3x3.EXE (pron. X-E) Premier is the worlds largest 3x3 league, encompassing 4 countries, 12 Conferences and 72 teams.  
Established in Japan in 2014 with 7 teams, 3x3.EXE Premier has grown to include Thailand, Korea and New Zealand.  New Zealand has 2 Conferences established in 2019.  They are the North Island Conference, based in Auckland and the South Island Conference, based in Christchurch. 


3x3.EXE Premier Format

Each of the New Zealand Conferences comprise 6 teams each.  Each team has a pool of 6 players, with only 4 selected by the team to play in the rounds.  There are 8 rounds held between 18 May and 25 August 2019.  Teams are divided into 2 pools of 3 teams each, playing a round robin followed by semi-finals and a final.  A total of 9 games per conference per round.

Along with receiving FIBA Ranking Points, teams also receive 3x3.EXE Premier points on the following basis:

1st place = 4 3x3.EXE Premier points
2nd place = 3 3x3.EXE Premier points
3rd place = 2 3x3.EXE Premier points
4th place = 2 3x3.EXE Premier points

After 8 rounds, the 2 teams with the most 3x3.EXE Premier points will be flown to Japan to compete in the 
3x3.EXE Premier Final on 6-7 September in Tokyo.