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  • secondary schools information

Basketball New Zealand in conjunction with our member Associations, host the following New Zealand Secondary Schools Sport Council sanctioned tournaments. Below is important information and key dates for all Secondary Schools tournaments.

Roster Requirements (29 Aug).pdf

Registrations are now CLOSED



A copy of the updated 2018 BBNZ Tournaments Calendar and Harmonised Calendar can be found HERE under the 2018 Tournaments Calendar heading or on the Events section of the NZSSSC website HERE.  Please disregard any previous versions of these calendars and use this latest version.


2018 Due Dates and Entry Fees
For your reference, we have updated the entry process for 2018 with the
following criteria;

 - Wednesday, June 27th - Team, player, referee online registration and Deposit. 
 - Wednesday, August 1st - NZSSSC team roster form and remaining entry fee. 

 - Schools Tournament $600+GST per team (deposit $200)
 - Schools National Championship $1,100+GST per team

Registrations received after the first due date will register onto the
online waiting list. Please note that there is no guarantee that
your registration will be accepted once registered onto the waiting list. 

The refund policy is available at the BBNZ web link HERE

BBNZ Debt Policy - those participants who have a debt with BBNZ will not be able to participate in any BBNZ competitions/events until the debt is paid.  It is advised that the player makes contact with BBNZ to discuss.

We have introduced the following process to discourage Schools from withdrawing from Junior, ‘A’ and ‘AA’ or non-attendance at a National Championship:

 - Schools that withdraw their team(s) after the first due date or after qualifying for the national championship won’t be guaranteed a place in a tournament the following year.

  - Regardless if the registration has been completed by the due date and payment is made in full in the following year, the registration will be placed on the waiting list.

This process is to help Schools ensure that you are organised and have registered in the correct tournament. If your intentions are not to attend the National Championships, your School needs to register into the non-qualifying tournament. The only exception is where a non-qualifying tournament does not go ahead or the attempt to fit you into another non-qualifying tournament was not successful.

Key Regulations

Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemption (PCRE)
PCREs were introduced to allow students that relocated with their primary caregiver and could not have reasonably been expected to remain at their previous school to be exempted from the New to School (NTS) quota for teams.

A MAXIMUM of 2 PCRE’s issued in any calendar year may be included in any team that has a NZSSSC NTS quota. (includes 3x3 and Premierships/Nationals)


Only Year 9 and 10 students are eligibility to play – no Year 7 and 8 players.

Rules and Regulations
Please use the BBNZ web link HERE to obtain tournament rules and regulations.

Team Registrations

1. Online Registration

The process for online entry will be through two online forms:

 a. Online Team Registration Form - When you enter your team and complete the form, you will be sent a confirmation email and a different link to enter your players into your team (please make sure the person who will be completing this is the email in the main contact).

b. Online Player Registration Form - after receiving the team entry confirmation email please use the link and the team code to enter players to that specific team, if you’re entering multiple teams please be sure to note that each confirmation email and team code corresponds with a different team.

2. NZSSSC Roster Sign Off:

The School Principal must ‘attest that all students listed are bona-fide fulltime students at this school and their details as provided are true and correct as on MoE ENROL and on our official school records’.  This needs to be completed, signed by principle and scan/fax to BBNZ.

Senior Roster Form

 - 2018 A and AA NZSSSC Team Roster Form.pdf

 - 2018 A and AA NZSSSC Team Roster Form.doc

Junior Roster Form

 - 2018 Junior NZSSSC Team Roster Form.pdf
 - 2018 Junior NZSSSC Team Roster Form.doc


Player Eligibily Criteria

For more detailed and extended Eligibility information please head to

NEW TO SCHOOL (2 years prior to event) & NON DOMESTIC

 - MOST RECENT Date of Enrollment as on MoE ENROL if on or after first day of event (note 1), this must be completed for all students.
 - Seniors - if on or after 5th September 2016
 - Juniors - if on or after 1st September 2016

 - Indicate all Domestic and Non-Domestic Students (note 3)

 - Indicate all non-New to School and New to School Students and indicate any who have an exemption (Note 2), Any Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemptions must be attached to this form.

1. A student enrolled at the school within 2 years of the first day of the event is considered NEW TO SCHOOL. The student’s most recent enrolment date must be used and must match MoE ENROL records. The “event” includes all qualifiers. Students who begin at the school in Year 9 are exempt

2. Please indicate ‘Yes’ if a student started classes on or after the above dates. Indicate any who are exempt the NZSSSC ‘new to school’ quota because

 a. s/he is in Year 9 or in the first 12 months above the entry level at a restricted entry school (e.g. girls only from Year 12) and has not competed at this event for his/her previous school or

 b. the student has been granted a Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemption. (See NZSSSC website for details. Copy of exemption must be attached).

3. Domestic students are defined a NZ Citizen, the holder of a residence permit, an Australian citizen, a NZ passport holder (e.g. Cook Islands), a dependent of a work permit holder, refugee, diplomat or whatever definition the Ministry of Education currently applies.

Junior Only
The use of Zone defences is banned.

Seeding and Qualifiers

Qualifiers and Cups

 - The first seeded Team (for each gender) shall be the team representing the School (as applicable) that had the highest placing at the National Championship in the previous year.          

 - The second seeded team shall be the team representing the School (as applicable) with the next highest placing at the National Championship the previous year.

 - The third and subsequent seeded Teams shall be those teams representing the School (as applicable) with the next highest placing at the National Championship the previous year.

 - Once seedings can no longer be done on results from the previous year’s National Championship, the highest placed team from the Qualifying Competitions from the previous year’s event shall be considered the next highest seed.

 - If a Team (as applicable) did not compete at the previous year’s Qualifying Competitions then they will be given the lowest seeding.

 - If there is more than one Team that did not compete at the Qualifying Competitions in the previous year, BBNZ will seed the teams at their discretion.

Senior (A & AA) Nationals

 - The first seeded Team (for each gender) shall be the Team that is the highest qualifier from the Qualifying Competition of the Zone in which the national champion Team at the previous year’s National Championships came from.

 - The second seeded Team (for each gender) shall be the Team that is the highest qualifier from the Qualifying Competition of the Zone in which the runner up Team at the previous year’s National Championships came from. If the first and second seeded Teams competed in the same Qualifying Competition, then the second seeded Team, will be the Team which was the second highest qualifier from the Zone Qualifying Competition.

 - The third and subsequent seeds will be found using the same principles as above.

 - If a Team from a Zone did not compete at the previous year’s National Championships then they will be given the lowest seeding.

Qualification Spots for ‘AA’ National Championships - BOYS
 - AA Zone 1 – 7 spots
 - AA Zone 2 – 5 spots
 - AA Zone 3 – 6 spots
 - AA Zone 4 – 6 spots

Qualification Spots for ‘AA’ National Championships - GIRLS
 - AA Zone 1 – 6 spots
 - AA Zone 2 – 6 spots
 - AA Zone 3 – 6 spots
 - AA Zone 4 – 6 spots

Qualification Spots for ‘A’ National Championships

 - A North Island – 7 spots
 - A South Island – 5 spots

‘A’ & ‘AA’ School Rolls

BBNZ, in conjunction with our member Associations host Junior (Year 9 to 10) Premierships only and Senior (A & AA) Premierships and National Championship Tournaments.  Junior Secondary Schools Tournaments are open to all schools.  The senior tournaments are split into ‘AA’ Tournaments for co-ed schools with enrolments over 600 and 300 for single-sex and ‘A’ Tournaments which caters for smaller schools under the enrolment thresholds:

Single Sex Schools

 - If the school has 300 + pupils; can enter a team into the ‘AA’ only
 - If the school has less than 300 pupils; can enter a team either into the ‘A’ or ‘AA’; must choose.

Co Ed Schools

 - If the school has 600 + pupils; can enter a team into the ‘AA’ only
 - If the school has less than 600 pupils; can enter teams either into the ‘A’ or ‘AA’; must choose.

Roster Changes
A reminder that no players can be added to the first scoresheet of the tournament. If there are any roster changes, these must be submitted to the BBNZ office by the due date. 

If there are last minute changes to your roster due to injuries, these changes must be submitted at the technical meeting, accompanied by an updated and signed NZSSSC roster form. Failing to submit new changes could result in those players being ineligible to participate in the tournament.

A reminder that at all junior, A and AA premierships (qualifying and non-qualifying) tournaments Schools must supply a student referee as a condition of registering a team. ‘No ref, no play’. This has, during the past two years, been advertised and communicated as a ‘Student Referee’. Please note that the referee must be a Secondary School Student.

The referee must be suitably experienced and fully committed to attending the tournament for the entire duration.  All costs associated with taking the referee to the tournament will be the Schools responsibility.  No game fees will be paid.

Where Schools require assistance to train students they should, in the first instance, contact their local basketball association. Given the growth of basketball in schools, the increasing number of teams and tournaments at school level this is beginning to pose a real challenge in terms of referee numbers.

The student referee initiative is designed to support this ongoing growth in the school sector and is considered an appropriate opportunity for both the sport and the school sector to work together in supporting increased opportunity for students.

Any questions, contact Melony at

School Contacts
To ensure that BBNZ is able to keep your School up to date with relevant basketball information, please keep us informed with any personnel and contact changes. Email through as many contacts as you wish to guarantee that your Schools receives our details and updates.

Mouthguards are compulsory for all players. Mouthguard policy HERE




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