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Basketball New Zealand Regulations

Outlined below are the BBNZ Regulations which took effect from 26th September 2018:

BBNZ Regs Bk 1 General - Final (as at 26 Sep 18).pdf
BBNZ Regs Bk 2 Membership and Admin (as at 26 Sep 18).pdf
BBNZ Regs Bk 3 Competition (as at 26 Sep 18).pdf
BBNZ Regs Bk 4 Players and Officials (as at 26 Sep 18).pdf
BBNZ Regs Bk 5 Enforcement of Admin (as at 26 Sep 18).pdf
BBNZ Regs Bk 6 Judicial (as at 26 Sep 18).pdf
BBNZ Regs Bk 7 Integrity (as at 26 Sep 18).pdf

2019 National Registration Guide

Please click here to view and/or download a copy of the 2019 National Registration Guide.

Facilities Guide
Basketball is one of the most popular participation sports in New Zealand. However, participation and growth can be hampered by a lack of access to community facilities.  Basketball New Zealand's role is to advocate for quality facilities that can meet the demand of basketball players around the country. We have developed an Outdoor Facilities Guide and an Indoor Facilities Guide designed to advocate and support the development of quality facilities around New Zealand. See our Facilities page for more.

Child Protection Policy
All sports organisations that provide sport for young people should be fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children in their care. To help member organisations ensure a safe environment for players and volunteers, Basketball New Zealand has a Child Protection Policy for members to adopt. The purpose of this policy is to outline what is safe sport for young people and to offer guidance on how to provide a safe sporting environment for children. We encourage staff and volunteers to work together to ensure a safe environment for children participating in our game. We strongly encourage Associations to read this document and take some simple steps to adopt it and the guidelines within. These simple steps are suggested:

1. Add this Child Protection Policy to the agenda of your next committee meeting.
2. Adopt this Policy and affirm your commitment to providing safe basketball for all.
3. Appoint a Child Protection Officer to lead the implementation of the guidelines this Policy contains.

Open the Child Protection Policy here.

We have developed a Trust Funding Applications and Accountability Guide. This guide details the correct procedures to follow when submitting an application, what to include and your requirements (accountability) following a successful application.

Open the Funding Applications and Accountability Guide here.

Health and Safety

All types of organisations face risk. While the principles of risk management apply irrespective of the type of organisation, sport has unique set of characteristics. People and groups involved in organising opportunities for others to take part in sporting and recreational activities have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of participants and often involves multiple partners (Persons Conducting Business Undertakings - PCBUs). Below you'll find a range of different resources and templates to assist your organisations Health and Safety planning:

Sport Health and Safety Guide
NZSSSC Health and Safety Plan Template
NZSSSC Santioned Event Health & Safety System
• BBNZ Tournaments Health and Safety Templates: Plan, Injury Form & Register

Development & Resources Guide / Association Services Guide

Please refer to the two guides below for additional information on the different resources and services that are available for your association. More information can also be found by visiting the Member Benefits section of our website.

Development & Resources Guide
Associations Services Guide

Human Resources Policy Templates & Employee Handbook

Sport NZ has recently made available a suite of HR Policy Templates (legally verified) and an Employee Handbook. This Employee Handbook template is provided for use and adaptation by Sports and Recreation sector organisations. The content of this handbook aligns with the Sport NZ suite of HR policies. Associations can use and amend some/all of the content in this handbook (and the accompanying Sport NZ HR policies) to fit their particular circumstances and organisational needs.

Human Resources Policy Templates 
HR Employee Handbook Template