New Zealand Basketball Foundation

Who Are We?

The New Zealand Basketball Foundation (NZBF) is an independent body, sanctioned by Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ). The Foundation was formed to establish an investment fund to provide financial assistance for the game of basketball throughout New Zealand.

The NZBF is administered by a management committee:
  • Hilary Carr (Chair)
  • Peter Crowhen (Vice Chair)
  • Pauline Paterson
  • Bill Eldred 
  • Bob Bishop 
  • Iain Potter (BBNZ delegate) 

What We Do?

Over the past two years the New Zealand Basketball Foundation and BBNZ have been working to do something that has never been done in the long history of New Zealand basketball – preserve and celebrate our country’s basketball legacy.  We are collecting as much information and items of our rich history and then share and celebrate that history, especially our national teams and national competitions.

So far, we have collected information and items, gone through and started to catalogue it. We’ve greatly improved the Tall Ferns/Tall Blacks database of players and coaches and have started work on the history and names of our referees.

We have recently added the Tall Blacks/Tall Ferns Alumni Database on the BBNZ website. If you have information or queries related to the database please email Jeff Thomas at

Who Should Join?

If you play, have ever played, love watching basketball, and want to see the game grow, then the Foundation is for you.

How Do I Join?

By completing the membership form. If you have any queries, please email us.