Day Two of the Schick Championships has come to a close this evening with another 58 games played over nine courts and 12 hours. With two days of basketball behind them and at least three games each, the teams are getting a feel for playoff spots.

The ‘A’ Girls competition has reached the semi-finals stage. Manukura will play Stratford High School tomorrow at 2:15pm on the Showcourt (LIVESTATS). On the other side of the bracket, Te Aroha College and Ellesmere College will play at 4pm (LIVESTATS) for a Grand Final berth. The 4pm game will be livestreamed on

In the ‘A’ Boys competition, defending champs Stratford from Pool A and Opunake from Pool B are undefeated. Also in Pool A, Te Aroha had a big win over local favourites Manukura. Both those teams are tallied with three wins and one loss. This competition still has games to play before semi-finals are announced.

In the AA Boys competition, Pool C is wide open with all teams having the ability to claim a playoff spot. Palmerston North Boys High School, Hastings Boys High School and Otago Boys High School have two wins and one loss each. Auckland Grammar School, Rangitoto College and Middleton Grange all have one win and two losses. That said, these schools have shown a spark that could propel them into contention if they lift tomorrow. Pool A continues to entertain as the ‘pool of death’, with Rosmini just managing to scrape passed Hamilton Boys’ 72 to 69. Mt Albert Grammar remain undefeated in Pool A.

In the ‘AA’ Girls competition, the big match tomorrow will be from Pool A with Sacred Heart and Westlake Girls both undefeated with four wins from four. They play tomorrow at 4pm on Court Five. Defending champions St. Peter’s Cambridge have been cruising through Pool B with three comfortable wins. Hutt Valley also remain undefeated in that Pool with three wins from three. These two teams meet tomorrow night at 5:45pm on Court Six.

Queen Margret’s College from Wellington, who are newcomers to the Schick Championships, are impressively undefeated in Pool C. They celebrated a big winner over Mt. Auckland Grammar School, who are the Zone One Schick Premierships Champions.

More information including full results, Pools, Livestream info, and rosters here:




1. Manukura 3W  0L              

2. Ellesmere College 1W  2L 

3. Te Kura Kokiri 1W  2L

4. Kavanagh College  1W  2L



1. Te Aroha College                4W  0L

2. Stratford High School 3W  1L

3. Buller High School 2W  2L 

4. Te Kuiti High School 1W  3L

5. Te Wharekura o Mauao 0W  4L





1. Stratford High School 4W 0L

2. Te Aroha College 3W 1L

3. Manukura 3W 1L               

4. Tai Wananga 1W                3L

5. St Kevins College                1W 3L

6. Rangiora New Life School 0W 4L



1. Opunake High School 4W  0L

2. Nga Taiatea Wharekura 3W  1L

3. Hillmorton High School 2W  2L         

4. Catholic Cathedral College 2W  2L    

5. Dunstan High School 1W  3L             

6. Waihi College 0W  4L




1. Westlake Girls High School                4W 0L

2. Sacred Heart Girls College, New Plymouth 4W 0L

3. Rangitoto College 2W 2L

4. Christchurch Girls' High School 1W 3L

5. Melville High School 1W 3L  

6. Hillcrest High School 0W  4L 



1. St Peter's School, Cambridge 3W  0L

2. Hutt Valley High School 3W  0L

3. St Andrews College 2W  1L               

4. Otago Girls High School 1W  2L

5. Tauranga Girls College 0W  3L

6. Wellington Girls College 0W  3L



1. Queen Margaret College  3W  0L

2. Mt Albert Grammar School 2W  1L

3. Rotorua Girls High School  2W  1L

4. Rangi Ruru Girls School  1W  2L

5. St Mary's College, Ponsonby 3W  1L

6. Massey High School   0W  3L



1. Auckland Girls' Grammar School  3W 0L

2. Hamilton Girls High School  3W  0L

3. Napier Girls High School  2W  1L

4. Fraser High School  1W  2L               

5. Palmerston North Girls High School  0W 3L

6 Waimea College  0W  3L




1. Mount Albert Grammar School 4W 0L

2. Hamilton Boys High School                3W 1L

3. Rosmini College  3W 1L

4. Rongotai College                2W 2L

5. New Plymouth Boys' High School 0W 4L

6.  St Andrews College 0W 4L



1. Saint Kentigern College 3W 0L

2. Westlake Boys High School                3W 0L

3. St Johns College Hamilton 2W 1L

4. Rotorua Boys High School 1W 2L

5. Shirley Boys High School 0W 3L

6. Fraser High School 0W 3L



1. Palmerston North Boys High School 2W  1L

2. Hastings Boys High School 2W  1L

3. Otago Boys High School 2W  1L

4. Auckland Grammar School 1W  2L

5. Rangitoto College 1W  2L

6. Middleton Grange School 1W  2L



1. Cashmere High School 3W 0L

2. Napier Boys High School 3W  0L

3. St Patricks College, Kilbirnie 2W  1L

4. Macleans College 1W  2L

5. Waimea College  0W  3L  

6. Tauranga Boys College  0W               3L



54 Te Kuiti High School VS Buller High School 68 | A Girls 

59 St Mary's College, Ponsonby VS Mt Albert Grammar School 88 | AA Girls 

59 St Patrick's College, Kilbirnie VS Napier Boys High School 92 | AA Boys 

61 Rangi Ruru Girls School VS Rotorua Girls High School 45 | AA Girls 

58 Tauranga Boys' College VS Cashmere High School 98 | AA Boys 

80 Auckland Girls' Grammar School VS Palmerston North Girls High School 43 | AA Girls 

78 Massey High School VS Queen Margaret College 66 | AA Girls 

46 Waimea College VS Napier Girls High School 85 | AA Girls 

93 Macleans College VS Waimea College 93 | AA Boys 

60 Hillmorton High School VS Dunstan High School 58 | A Boys 

99 Hamilton Girls High School VS Fraser High School 66 | AA Girls 

58 Tai Wananga VS St Kevins College 77 | A SS Boys 

104 Manukura VS Rangiora New Life School 46 | A SS Boys 

63 Stratford High School VS Te Aroha College 62 | A Boys 

71 Opunake High School VS Nga Taiatea Wharekura 57 | A Boys 

80 Catholic Cathedral College VS Waihi College 69 | A Boys 

60 Te Aroha College VS Te Wharekura o Mauao 54 | A Girls 

54 St Andrew's College VS Hamilton Boys High School 75 | AA Boys 

69 Rongotai College VS Mount Albert Grammar School 76 | AA Boys 

Melville High School VS Rangitoto College | AA Girls 

117 Westlake Girls High School VS Hillcrest High School 36 | AA Girls 

64 Sacred Heart Girls College, New Plymouth VS Christchurch Girls' High School 46 | AA Girls 

71 Manukura VS Te Kura Kokiri 62 | A Girls 

79 Kavanagh College VS Ellesmere College 75 | A Girls 

102 Rosmini College VS New Plymouth Boys' High School 71 | AA Boys 

77 Saint Kentigern College VS St John's College Hamilton 68 | AA Boys 

93 St Peter's School, Cambridge VS Otago Girls High School 48 | AA Girls 

92 Auckland Grammar School VS Hastings Boys High School 94 | AA Boys 

58 Buller High School VS Stratford High School 70 | A Girls 

67 Westlake Boys High School VS Fraser High School 62 | AA Boys 

73 Otago Boys High School VS Palmerston North Boys High School 70 | AA Boys 

75 Hutt Valley High School VS Tauranga Girls College 57 | AA Girls 

95 Rotorua Boys High School VS Shirley Boys High School 69 | AA Boys 

64 Rangitoto College VS Middleton Grange 80 | AA Boys 

76 St Mary's College, Ponsonby VS Rangi Ruru Girls School 58 | AA Girls 

56 Mt Albert Grammar School VS Queen Margaret College 68 | AA Girls 

70 Tauranga Boys' College VS St Patrick's College, Kilbirnie 92 | AA Boys 

98 Napier Boys High School VS Macleans College 71 | AA Boys 

84 Cashmere High School VS Waimea College 56 | AA Boys 

36 Wellington Girls College VS St Andrew's College 58 | AA Girls 

54 Te Wharekura o Mauao VS Te Kuiti High School 57 | A Girls 

46 St Kevins College VS Stratford High School 59 | A Boys 

49 Waihi College VS Hillmorton High School 83| A Boys 

42 Waimea College VS Hamilton Girls High School 72 | AA Girls 

81 Rotorua Girls High School VS Massey High School 39 | AA Girls 

67 Te Aroha College VS Manukura 52 | A Boys 

61 Rangiora New Life School VS Tai Wananga 95 | A Boys 

50 Palmerston North Girls High School VS Fraser High School 58 | AA Girls 

80 Nga Taiatea Wharekura VS Catholic Cathedral College 69 | A Boys 

72 Dunstan High School VS Opunake High School 93 | A Boys 

52 Napier Girls High School VS Auckland Girls' Grammar School 64 | AA Girls 

38 Christchurch Girls' High School VS Westlake Girls High School 74 | AA Girls 

41 Hillcrest High School VS Melville High School 55 | AA Girls 

71 Mount Albert Grammar School VS St Andrew's College 51 | AA Boys 

59 New Plymouth Boys' High School VS Rongotai College 72 | AA Boys 

56 Rangitoto College VS Sacred Heart Girls College, New Plymouth 59 | A Girls 

43 Stratford High School VS Te Aroha College 56 | A Girls 

69 Hamilton Boys High School VS Rosmini College 72 | AA Boys 

Tomorrow's livestream games:

Watch the livestream on tomorrow (3 October) here:
10:45am St Andrews vs St Peters (AA Girls)
12:30pm St Patricks vs Cashmere (AA Boys)
4pm Te Aroha College vs Ellesmere (A Girls)
5:45pm 'A' Boys Semi-Final (teams TBD)



* The ‘A’ tournament is for schools that have a roll of less than 600 pupils for co-ed schools or less than 300 for single-gender schools. The ‘AA’ tournament is for schools with school roles over those figures.

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