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USA Scholarship Opportunities

There are many opportunities to play basketball in the United States and Canada but looking for opportunities abroad without research and good advice could see you travelling abroad completely unprepared. You should know what to expect and who to work with, otherwise your trip might be expensive and you could come home without being any closer to your goals. If you are serious about getting exposure abroad in the hope of a college scholarship, we encourage you to speak first with Custom College Recruiting.

Basketball New Zealand signed a preferred supplier arrangement with the US based company, Custom College Recruiting (CCR). This company provides a service for players seeking to go to University in the US or Canada to ideally gain scholarship opportunities. CCR provide this service (for a fee) across a range of sports and for both genders. It's similar to a dating service - athletes on one side and coaches on the other.

BBNZ have agreed to a preferred supplier arrangement because there is significant interest in the U.S. College pathway and there is a lot of misinformation in the community about scholarships and the U.S. basketball scene. CCR came to the attention of BBNZ through Australia where they are the preferred recruiting service for Basketball Queensland and Basketball Victoria.

What BBNZ receives as having CCR as a preferred supplier is that they provide an annual series of seminars to explain to parents, coaches and players; what the real situation is in the USA College basketball scene, how ‘recruiting’ really works and what the academic criteria is so that players can make sure they are taking the correct subjects in school. CCR have matched the NZ curriculum with the USA system so you can see what is needed. These seminars are free to BBNZ Associations and information regarding upcoming seminars will be posted on the BBNZ Website, @BasketballNZ social media channels, and via association websites.

There is no obligation for parents to purchase the service offered; that is an individual choice and is best made after speaking with one of CCR’s recruiting staff either at a seminar, by Skype, phone or email. We encourage any athlete or parent wanting more information on the recruiting process or wanting to get your son or daughter in the CCR database to start receiving up to date recruiting tips and information to get your free profile started at:

this CCR webpage for New Zealanders 
or  by emailing