Guest Editorial - David Crocker. "FIBA’s New Competition Provides New Opportunities"

Guest Editorial - David Crocker. "FIBA’s New Competition Provides New Opportunities"

As of 2017 FIBA will be ushering in a new era for basketball. FIBA is implementing a new calendar and competition system that opens a wealth of new opportunities for international basketball. National level men’s basketball teams all over the world, especially those in Oceania, will benefit from the new system.

This new competition will see teams from Oceania and Asia competing together on a regular basis to qualify for the 2019 World Basketball Cup. Basketball New Zealand is well positioned to benefit immensely from these changes on a number of different fronts. BBNZ and Tall Black marketing will be greatly improved with their brand being seen in a number of new markets throughout Asia. BBNZ has never before been able to offer this level of exposure for potential partnering brands. 

Given the amount of international games throughout the year there will be new opportunities for fringe national representative players to show what they can do on the world stage. The broadcasting structure will allow fans to watch the Tall Blacks in home and away international competition throughout the year. The year-round home and away format will bring a new level of fan support and national pride to past, present and future Tall Black supporters.

I am very excited to see how New Zealand and the rest of the Oceania region develop under this new competition system. 

- David Crocker, Executive Director FIBA Oceania.