Heads up from Drug Free Sport New Zealand

Heads up from Drug Free Sport New Zealand

Supplement and recreational drug use is a recognised problem within sporting circles in New Zealand with a lot of athletes unaware of the dangers.

Drug Free Sport NZ (DFSNZ) advises you to be wary of taking supplements. You should carefully examine whether you really need them or whether your nutritional needs could be met through changes to your diet. Supplements include: protein shakes, vitamins, energy drinks, herbal remedies, meal replacements, products which claim to assist weight loss and muscle development and those supplements which claim to provide energy before and during workouts.

While DFSNZ cannot guarantee the safety of any supplement, we can give you an assessment of the risks associated with certain products. You can make a query on the DFSNZ website. Taking supplements is risky because they may contain substances which are prohibited in sport. Many supplements do not have adequate quality control, nor do they label ingredients correctly so you cannot be sure of exactly what’s in them.

Alongside supplements, it’s good to note that all recreational drugs (cannabis for example) are prohibited in competition. DFSNZ has the ability and resources to test athletes for banned substances at all levels of basketball in New Zealand, so please be mindful when making choices about using recreational drugs. A positive test could result in a ban from all sport for four years. Some recreational drugs can stay in your body for weeks. For more information on recreational drugs, see the DFSNZ website page on recreational drugs.

If you have any queries about supplements or recreational drugs, please visit the Drug Free Sport New Zealand website for all contact details.