Q&A with PNBA’s Helen Richardson on using Fox Sports Pulse

Q&A with PNBA’s Helen Richardson on using Fox Sports Pulse
Basketball Associations across the country all rely on some type of software or database to manage their registrations, competitions and membership – an essential part of daily administration.  This might be a paid service or something more simple, like an excel spreadsheet. One thing is for sure – data is important, and Basketball New Zealand as the Governing Body needs to ensure that the data collected is accurate. One system that Basketball New Zealand has made available for associations to uitilise is Fox Sports Pulse (FSP). The FSP system helps users manage everything from team registrations, league management and maintaining a comprehensive membership database. 

To help provide an insight into how an association uses FSP, we caught up with Palmerston North Basketball Association’s Operations Manager, Helen Richardson, a proficient user of the system. 

BBNZ: Hi Helen, thanks for taking the time to catch up around Fox Sports Pulse. What does Palmerston North Basketball Association currently use the FSP system for?

HR: We currently use the Fox Sports Pulse system for all of our competitions, from primary right through to adults. We are also able to use if for any tournaments that we run in Palmerston North. 

BBNZ: How does PNBA benefit from using the system and how does it meet the needs of your association?

HR: It is easy to use and you can set up competitions and tournaments so that registrations are available online. Teams are sent notification emails so they also know they are registered. Everything links in with the FSP website, so all fixtures and results can be viewed. Player registrations can be taken online for any holiday programmes and rep trials. Teams can also register their players online, so it creates a comprehensive database of our player numbers. It is convenient to have all of our scoresheets printed with all player details – this is one less thing for teams to worry about.

Also, when we run Basketball New Zealand Tournaments, they are able to link us in with their FSP system. This means all results are uploaded straight away.

BBNZ: Would you recommend the system for other associations?

HR: Yes I would definitely recommend it. The capability is there so that you can set it up for whatever suits your specific association. If you have any problems, dealing with the FSP team is straightforward. 

Basketball New Zealand is currently working with FSP to make additional improvements to the existing system. These small improvements will help cater to the specific needs our associations. A comprehensive online Support Centre has also been established. Support is provided in the areas of registrations, membership, competitions as well as websites. To visit the site, please click here. Training and support workshops will soon be available for existing users to attend. Workshop dates and locations have yet to be determined, but it is envisioned that these will be split between the North and South Islands.

To find out more about the Fox Sports Pulse system and how it might work for your association, please contact Daniel Dawick, Manager, Basketball Development & Technology Services.